making flowers last // A GUIDE

Making Flowers Last

Here are our five simple tips for making your flowers last as long as possible.

Unwrap them, if your blooms arrive wrapped, remove the paper before placing into a clean glass of fresh water. If you have received a beautiful hat box of flowers, you needn’t remove the flowers as there is a vase already nestled inside your box simply lift the flowers gently to ensure the water level is sufficient.

Tip Two:
Trim the stems about 2cm when you first get them into water, at a 45′ angle is best. Then every day or so after to ensure the stems can continue to take on the water and stay hydrated.

Tip Three:
When you trim the stems also refresh the water and clean the vase out. It’s simple but makes all the difference. Be careful not to wet your hat box by removing the internal vase first.

Tip Four:
No chemicals needed. A clean vase and fresh water every other day is essential and that is really all that is needed to help keep bacteria at bay and for making your flowers last.

Tip Four:

Keep them cool. Be sure to display your flowers away from direct sunlight or directly in the path of heating or cooling systems. A cool naturally shaded part of the house is ideal for keeping your flowers looking their best. If you wish, you can also remove any blooms as they mature to reduce additional bacteria from contaminating the water. {all flowers even of the same variety will mature at their own pace}