crowning glory //

Many years ago girls wore flower crowns and flowers through their hair in an effort to mask their smell.  Because the poor things didn’t have clean running water, they wouldn’t wash themselves for months! Thanks to significant improvements in water accessibility and the creation of deoderant, this odor issue is in the past.

So just WHY are we so obsessed with flower crowns now?

Besides the fact that flower crowns have been a symbol of love, fertility and celebration throughout history and around the world, they’re so easy to personalize. Go as over-the-top or as simple as you want to – from oversize flowers to a few simple green sprigs and mini spray roses. Have your flower girls wear mini-crowns, create unique ones for each bridesmaid, or ask your hairstylist about incorporating one into your own hairstyle for your next day at the races.

SIMPLY PUT – we love them because it’s another way to personalize an outfit, make a statement and mark an occasion with something uniquely YOU. Love is in the details and flower crowns are a detail I adore making. Every angle of my crowns hold a cluster of fresh blooms and little berries, they are enchanting to wear and guarantee to make any occasion feel all that more special.

Of late.. crowns have become overwhelmingly popular in the Botanic and Bloom studios, from over the top Frida Khalo inspired headdresses to pretty pastel demi-crowns for a gorgeous babe and mum-to-be; I’ve even crowned our pet dog Stu; because -WHY NOT (he looks pretty pleased with himself wouldn’t you agree?)  Put some flowers in your hair and I promise you will be strutting your stuff feeling a million dollars – I know Stu did!

|| One of a kind floral works are my specialty. As a bespoke florist I only make to order so you can be assured your blooms will never be more fresh as I personally hand select your premium market fresh flowers just for you. I work closely with clients to ensure that every detail, desire and design exceeds expectations.

OOAK Fresh Flower Crowns from $65 | Any occasion is an occasion worthy of a bespoke floral design on your person. For ‘I would rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck’ If you can imagine it, I would delight in crafting it for you too!|